english pattern: Boho-Liebling #28


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The „Boho-Liebling #28“ is a pattern for a tunic or dress in different variations for sizes 80 - 164 in boho style.

The upper part of the pattern is cut narrow. For children who already have a slim waist , the waisted version is recommended. This version is still a bit more fitted!
The neckline can be sewn with a simple cuff. Or the back is sewn with a slit and the neckline is bound and closed at the back with ribbons or a button.

The flounces are shorter in the front and longer in the back with a nice curve.

There are 4 different basic variations:
Tunic, tunic with ruffle, dress or dress with ruffle.

A simpler tunic is obtained with a gathered flounce, the tunic becomes more feminine when a ruffle is sewn to the flounce. The tunic is perfect for wearing shorts underneath. But it can also be combined wonderfully with leggings.

The dress also has both options. Simple with 2 gathered flounces that are sewn together. It becomes more playful when a ruffle is sewn to the lower flounce of the dress.

The neckline can be sewn in different ways. Cuffed or with a binding. For a special look, a slit can be sewn in the front or back. Then the neckline is hemmed and closed with ribbons or with a loop and button.

A variety of sleeve options can be sewn onto the tunic or dress This way, new looks and styles can always be created:
- narrow sleeve in long, half-length, short
- half sleeve with flounce (in 2 different lengths)
- half sleeve with a high-low flounce
- half trumpet sleeve
- long trumpet sleeve (can be sewn in 3 variations!)
- bishop sleeve
- butterfly sleeve
- flutter sleeve



The pattern is designed for (thin) stretchy knitwear such as jersey, fine knitwear.

For the dress version, make sure that the fabric is not too heavy, so that the fabric falls nicer and the dress is not so heavy.

For butterfly sleeves, flutter sleeves and mullet sleeves, dyed-through fabrics are particularly suitable, as the back of the fabric is often visible.


That’s included:

  • Pattern in size 32 - 50
  • Illustrated instructions
  • Pattern in DIN A4 & US Letter (with layers, so that only one size can be printed) to print at home
  • Pattern in DIN A0 (with layers) to print in the printing shop
  • Pattern as projector file (with layers) - from Thursday 22nd April this file can only be downloaded

All fills are available once with seam allowance and once without.

The commercial use (production of clothing according to this pattern) is only possible with the purchase of a separate license.

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