Accessoires set Beanie & Loop's #10


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With this pattern set you get the patterns for a casual beanie, windoop and a loop.


The beanie is available for the head pensions 35/36 - 59/60, it is for stretchy fabrics such as sweat, jersey, summer sweat, ect. designed. The hat can be lined with a single -lined manner or sewn with roller hem (especially with sweaty!). But it can also be sewn double -aged.

In addition, there is the possibility with another section to sew the beanie with a double envelope! Here, too, there is only the possibility to double the envelope or sew the whole hat double -aged.

Wrap & over-puller loop

The loops are available in 4 different sizes (1-2.5 years, 3-5.5 years, 6-13 years, teen & adults), so that they also fit properly. Both variants are designed for stretchy fabrics and can be sewn in a single -layer or double -aged.

The windoop is cut so that it can be wrapped around his neck twice and keeps it warm.

The cross-puller loop is just a bit closer to the neck for slipping. And does not bother with thick winter jackets.

Contained in the e-book:

- Detailed, illustrated instructions

- Sewing pattern in DIN A4 Format for printing yourself (including levels)

- Sewing pattern in DIN A0 format for plotting (including levels)

- Sewing pattern in large format as a projector file

File format: PDF

The pattern is only for private use, for commercial use you have to acquire a commercial license!

Please note: These are files, not already printed patterns or instructions. You need to read and print the eBooks, a customary dina4 printer and a PDF reader on your PC.

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