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This add-on is an expansion for the eBook Basic Oversize Sweater Women #13, so that the sweater offers even more variety and possibilities!

The cut includes the sizes 30 - 50 for women again.

1. sleeves

A ruffle that is caught between the main sleeves and thus gives the sweater a playful, romantic look.

2. Turtle Neck collar in different variants:

Version 1:The collar is sewn to a circular neckline.

Variant 2: The collar is sewn on to a submarine neckline and thus gets a new look.

3rd submarine section

Due to the neckline template for the Turtleneck collar variant 2, there is also the possibility of a submarine neckline for the sweater.

Can be sewn with cuffs or evidence.

3. Astronautenmapuze

Cuddly, cozy hood as an alternative to the standard hood. So the hoodie gets a new look again.

4. Cuddly collar

This collar serves as a looper set. Is relatively close to the neck and keeps you warm. A tunnel with a cord can be supplemented here as a small highlight!

Even when expanding the cut, the choice of the fabric wears to sew with different looks of the hoodies. Playful, casual, cozy, chic whatever you want for your self -sewn tops are possible through the right choice of the fabric and the options.


Contained in the e-book:

- Detailed, illustrated sewing instructions

- Sewing pattern in DIN A4 format for printing yourself

- Sewing patterns in DIN A0 format to plot

File format: PDF

For the expansion you need the eBook "Basic Oversize Sweater #13"!


The pattern is only for private use. Passing, selling, exchange, exchange and resale of the eBook, the sewing instructions or parts of it, is expressly prohibited, as is the publication or imprint.

A commercial license must be acquired for commercial use (sale of finished clothing).

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