Add-on balloon sleeve


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The add-on balloon sleeve is an expansion for the pattern basic oversize sweater #8 or oversize dress and longhoodie #17.

With this expansion you will get a new way to achieve a girlish look for these cuts.

The balloon sleeve can be sewn in different variants.

  • Balloon sleeve with rubber band in the hem
  • Balloon sleeve with cuffs
  • 3/4 balloon sleeves so that the sleeves of blouse/dress that can be worn underneath. Can be sewn in the hem with cuffs or rubber band.



Contained in the e-book:

  • Detailed, illustrated instructions
  • Sewing pattern in DIN A4 format for printing yourself
  • File format: PDF


The pattern is only for private use, for commercial use you have to acquire a commercial license!

Please note: These are files, not already printed patterns or instructions. You need to read and print the eBooks, a printer and a PDF reader on your PC.

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