Basic Oversize Sweater #8


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Basic Oversize Sweater #8

A pattern for a casual, slightly oversized sweater with overlapping shoulders for the sizes 74-170 in different variants. The sweater is suitable for boys and girls.

The hoodie can be sewn with or without a hood. The sleeves and the federation of the sweater can be lined or sewn with cuffs.

The hoodie cut is designed for moderate to heavy stitches such as summer sweat, roughened sweat. The sweater can also be sewn from Jersey and Strick-Jaquard. So that the sleeves are not too far with thinner fabrics, there is an extra intersection for narrower sleeves.


With this oversized sweater with overcovered shoulders, you have the choice between different sections variants:

  • Simple round neckline
  • Normal hood
  • Pointed hood
Both hoods overlap a few centimeters at the front and keep the neck warm.


Various hem variants are also included in this hoodie:

  • straight hem
  • Vokuhila hem, straight at the front and a little longer with a curve at the back
  • To hem
  • cuff


Your children like bags? To hide treasures or to collect everything possible while walking? Then the sweater can also be sewn with different stomach bags:

  • Small belly bag with rounds or straight interventions
  • Large bunkbag

Due to the many different options, you sew very individual pieces of clothing for your children. Depending on the variant of the oversized cut, you get a chic hoodie, a sporty sweater or a sewn piece of clothing to cuddle, and the choice of the fabric also plays a big effect. Also let your children's ideas flow into and ask them which option they like best.

Because the pattern also covered many sizes, the pattern can accompany you for a long time and you can always sew new oversize sweaters to your child.


Contained in the e-book:

- Detailed, illustrated sewing instructions

- Sewing pattern in DIN A4 format for printing yourself and gluing together

File format: PDF

The pattern is only for private use. Passing, selling, exchange, exchange and resale of the eBook, the sewing instructions or parts of it, is expressly prohibited, as is the publication or imprint.

A commercial license must be acquired for commercial use (sale of finished clothing), but industrial mass production is in any case excluded.


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