Basic Rock - # 9


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Basic Rock - # 9

A pattern for a beautiful basic rock in sizes 74 - 164, which can be sewn in different variants. Simple or simple or something more conspicuous, like a fake button placket or carrier.

The skirt is suitable for almost all fabrics, knitwear such as (jersey, knit, ect.) And webware such as (linen, fine cord, poplin, linen, viscose webware, ect.). It is important that the fabric is not too thick or stiff, otherwise he is no longer beautiful.

Bund variations:

  • simple waistband
  • Paperbagbund in 3 different heights
  • sewn binding tapes in the waistband

Pocket variants:

  • Round patch bag
  • square patch pocket
  • Pockets


  • Fake head plaste
  • Carrier that can be carried back crossing


In the e-book included:

- Detailed, illustrated instructions

- Sewing pattern in DIN A4 format for yourself printing

File format: PDF

The pattern is only for private use, for a commercial use you have to purchase a commercial license!

Please note: These are files, not already printed patterns or instructions. You need to read and print the eBooks, a household Dina4 printer and a PDF reader on your PC.

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