Blous dress Toulon #3


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Blous dress Toulon#3

Toulon #3 is a pattern for a blouse or a dress in different variants for sizes 62 - 146.

Your blouse/dress can always look different, you have the choice between different sleeves in long and short, one continuous or half button strip for front or back, and much more ...

The cut has a loose bodice that runs in a light A line. A gathered volant for a blouse or dress can be sewn onto the bodice.
On the folding dress, attached bags (round or angular) can be attached or sewn sewn sewing bags.
The button placket can be sewn at the front or back, continuously or only on the bodice. With sizes 62 - 74 I would always recommend the button placket throughout, as it is easier to put on and take off the babies.

For a little more variety, the front bodice can also be sewn with biesen in order to set subtle highlights again.

For a sweet, playful look, the neckline can be sewn with bubic cladding or neck ruffles.


A sleeve variants:

  • Easier lined sleeves in long, 3/4 long or short
  • Further sleeves with rubber band in the hem in long or 3/4 long
  • Puff sleeves for hems in long or 3/4 long
  • Puff sleeves with rubber band in the hem or 3/4 long
  • Short puff sleeves with rubber band in the hem
  • Tulip sleeve
  • Winged sleeve
  • Sleeveless


      • with evidence
      • Expansion strips
      • Burn up with a folding band
      • neck -ruffle
      • with bubic questions


      • Round valance as a blouse
      • Round or straight valid for dress


      Fabric recommendation
      The pattern is designed for light to medium -heavy webware such as, popeline, linen, Musselin, Chambray, etc.


      Contained in the e-book:

      • Detailed, illustrated sewing instructions (also contains tips for adjusting the cut)
      • Cutting arch in A4, A0 (including levels) without seam allowance
      • Cutting arch as a projector file

      File format: PDF

      The pattern is only for private use. Passing, selling, exchange, exchange and resale of the e-book, the sewing instructions or parts of it, is expressly prohibited, as is the publication or imprint.

      A commercial license must be acquired for commercial use (sale of finished clothing).

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