Iron image - sledge


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Iron image -sledge

Bracket image sled with gifts in the watercolor look.

Place on the fabric, iron and you're done! Perfect for everyone who has no plotter.


So that you can test the whole thing, we put a small snowflake to iron!


Smalls with gifts

Size: approx. 11 x 6.5 cm


  1.  Place the iron on medium heat (approx. 150 °).
  2. Textile should be washed, once pressed.
  3. Place textile on a hard surface.
  4. Roughly cut out and place the bracket image. Place baking paper over it.
  5. Press 12 - 15 seconds with the iron.
  6. Let it cool and pull off the carrier film.




Care instruction: Washable up to 30 degrees, turn on the left, no dryer, please do not use aggressive detergent!


The ironing images are manufactured in Germany according to our design.

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