Croptop Møn Ladys #39


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That Croptop Møn Ladys #39 is a pattern for a croptop in different variants for sizes 32 - 54.

Here you can choose between 2 passes a narrow (but not tight) and a casual croptop. Both can be combined with the Rock Valencia or Shorts Tropeas in the Highwaist variant.

In addition, 2 lengths are included, normal croptop and croptop long. The long version is for everyone who a classic croptop is too short but would like to venture into a croptop!

The lower edge can be lined or sewn with cuffs. The cuff can be sewn with a classic cuff or with a cuff with slot.

Column options:

  • Mini-sleeve
  • Sleeve
  • Slow edges can also be bordered
  • Half sleeves that extends to the elbow until just before the elbow.
  • long sleeve
  • 3/4 langer sleeve

The long and 3/4 lengthThe sleeves are available in narrow and wide, so that the sleeve of the fabric choice can be adjusted.


Fabric recommendation:

The pattern for stretchy use is designed, such as jersey, summer sweat, knitjaquard or fabrics that have similar properties.


Contained in the e-book:

  • Detailed, illustrated instructions
  • Cutting arch in A4, A1 (including levels) without seam allowance
  • Cutting arch in A4, A0 (including levels) including 7mm seam allowance
  • Cutting sheet as a projector file (size 2 levels, once without seam allowance, once with seam allowance)
  • File format: PDF


The pattern is only for private use, for commercial use you have to acquire a commercial license!

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