Digital embroidery instructions mushroom parade


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Milz parade embroidery

This digital template contains 5 different mushroom arrangement and a frame. The template is for embroidery by hand.

The 5 motifs are available in 3 sizes, the two smaller sizes are designed in such a way that they can be placed on the chest pocket for the pattern of the Kilkenny pattern. The 3rd size is more striking, so it is well suited for clothing or as a decorative element.


In the instructions, the different stitches are explained step by step with pictures so that you can also get started as a beginner.

You will also find all the information about what you also need for material, how to transfer the template, clamp the fabric, etc. ...


Included in the eBook:

  • illustrated stick instructions
  • Stick motifs to print out
  • File format: PDF


The embroidery pattern is only for private use. Passion, sale, exchange and resale of the e-book, the embroidery instructions or parts of it, is expressly prohibited, as is the publication or imprint.

A commercial license must be acquired for commercial use (sale of embroidered articles).

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