DIY stick set "Flowers in the Moon"


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DIY set "Flowers in the Moon"

With this set you can start with your embroidery by hand. The template "Flowers in the Moon" includes 2 different motifs in 2 sizes each


The set contains:

  • Printed template "Flowers in the Moon"
  • 4 high -quality embroidery needles (2 different strengths with lace and without lace)
  • 1 cut Solufix approx. A4
  • 4 strands embroidery from Anchor in the basic colors black, gray, 2 different green tones
  • Garbwicker cards made of plastic to store the gar soothes
  • Color set red contains an additional 3 strands of anchor in 3 different red tones
  • Color set contains lilacAdditionally 2 strands embroidery from Anchor in 2 different lilac - purple tones


You will also receive the template and the guidance of the embroidery stitches for download. So you can print out the template again and decide whether you only look at the instructions of the stitches on the go or express yourself at home.


Additional options:

  • Book wood embroidery frame with brass screw 18.5 cm
  • Stork stork gold

    Do you need any other accessories for embroidery? Then have a look at our new section Course -like & accessories


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