All year's favorite # 18


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With the year-round favorite # 18 you will receive a puzzle pattern for a blouse or a dress with an attached, gathered valance that can be sewn in many different variants. For sizes 74-164.


Designed is the pattern for stretchable knitwear such as Jersey, lighter knit, ect.


There are 4 different basic variants: Blouse, Long blouse, high or low waist dress (division).

The blouse length is great for wearing a short pant / bloomer. The long blouse is perfect for combining them with leggings or narrow jeans.

The high waist at the dress is especially at the bigger children, the very slim are more beneficial, otherwise the dress can act somewhere sack. But basically the total taste thing is which dress variant is a better one. Both variants are the same length!


For the beginners, the cut can be sewn completely without button placket or with a fake button placket.

Who likes real button placket, has the choice between half or continuous button placket front or on the back.


There are many different cuffs:

  • Narrow sleeves in length, 3/4 or short
  • Straight sleeves with elastic in the hem in Lang or 3/4
  • Narrow puffed sleeves in length, 3/4 or short
  • Trumpet sleeves in 3 different variants (lined, rubber in the hem, with cuffs)
  • Short puffed sleeves with paperbagbund
  • Tulip
  • Fluttering
  • Capp belly
  • Sleeveless
  • Wing
  • Sleeveless


The neckline can be edged, sewn with slip or with cuffs.


Pocket variants:

  • small breast pocket
  • square patch pocket
  • Round patch bag
  • Pockets


In the e-book included:

  • Detailed, illustrated instructions
  • Cut sheet DIN A4
  • Cut sheet DIN A0
  • Cut sheet as a projector file
  • File format: PDF


The pattern is only for private use, for a commercial use you have to purchase a commercial license!


Please note: These are files, not already printed patterns or instructions. You need to read and print the eBooks, a printer and a PDF reader on your PC.

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