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Rüschen-Fiebling Lady #25

The ruffle favorite Lady #25 is a pattern for a sweater or shirt with overcovered sleeves in sizes 32 - 50.

There are 2 different fit variants in the eBook.

The normal ruffle favorite Lady is rather narrow on the sleeves and in the chest area and then easily runs down in an A-line. This variant is for jersey or thinner stretchy fabrics.

The loose fit variant is slightly oversized, so it falls a little more loosely overall and plays around the hips. This cut variant is suitable for somewhat thicker fabrics such as knitting jacquard, summer sweat/Frenchterry or the like. Of course she can also be sewed out of jersey whoever likes it.
There is also the possibility of a narrow or a wide sleeve (if you would like to pull something long -sleeved underneath).

The highlight of the cut is the overlapping back part. At the bottom there is a ruffled valance at the bottom, which extends to overlap the back parts. Overlap the back parts and are then fixed with a seam or buttons so that it does not open too far at the back.
If you prefer it to be simple, you can also sew the sweater with a simple back, where the ruffles then run all around.

The sleeves can be chosen in long or 3/4. And if you want to sew the whole thing as a shirt for the warm days, choose a short sleeve.

Extract variants:
- normal circular neckline
- casual, somewhat deeper round neckline

An optional hood gives the pattern a cool look. If you then leave out the ruffles, you will receive a casual short sweater that can be worn into high-waist pants or skirts.

That is:

  • Sewing patterns (without seam allowance) in color in sizes 32 -50
  • Short instructions with sketches
  • You will also receive the detailed, illustrated manual for download

The pattern is only for private use, for commercial use you have to acquire a commercial license!

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