Leather pendant - mushroom


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Artificial leather trailer -Mushroom 3 Set


Size: approx. 1.3 x 1.6 cm

Material: laser -engraved,Pollutant -free polyurethane


A small artificial leather trailer mushroom

Set special highlights on your clothes: on breast pockets, hats, pants, shirts or towels. Let yourself be inspired by our examples.

Sewing tip: Better sew a little slower when you sew the label. So that the label does not slip when sewing on, you can glue it with Wondertape or the Pyrm Aquafixing pen beforehand. You can find these aids here!

Care instruction: Washable up to 40 degrees, turn on the left, no dryer, please do not use aggressive detergent!


The labels are manufactured in Germany according to our design.

Labels by Lemeldesign


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