Short summer pants # 2


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Short summer pants # 2

A pattern for a short summer pants in different variants for sizes 50-164. For the little ones a sweet bloomer for the sizes with a wide sliced ​​leg. Designed is the cut for web goods such as Chambray, Linen, Cotton Webware, Viscose Webware, Popline, Voilé, EVT.

There are two different chives for diaper (size 50-110) Here there are 2 different lengths, so you can sew a bloomer and the wide variants (this version is only recommended from switches!) And without diaper (size 86-164 ).

You can choose from different bundling variants, all are sewn with a rubber band:

  • simple waistband
  • with paperbagbund in 4 different heights
  • Shared waistband with sewn-in binding tapes
  • Paperbagbund with belt loops and binding straps

Pocket variants:

  • Pockets
  • Insert pockets with straight and round intervention
  • Bag in tulip shape as a pouch or side as an engagement pockets


  • With rubber tunnel (Bloomers)
  • lined
  • Additional tutorial: lined with lateral slot and the possibility to draw a tape into the hem and thereby gather something together
  • Additional tutorial: latches with button

In the e-book included:

  • Detailed, illustrated instructions
  • Print pattern in DIN A4 format for yourself

File format: PDF

The pattern is only for private use, for a commercial use you have to purchase a commercial license!

Please note: These are files, not already printed patterns or instructions. You need to read and print the eBooks, a household Dina4 printer and a PDF reader on your PC. The cuts usually come to you to you and can be easily removed on the mobile phone and on the PC by means of a free unpacking program. For help or problems we are of course happy to help you.

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