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A perfectly coordinated label set for the summer in the look of the sea.

The set consists of 2 Kunst leather label and 4 Weblabels.


Leather label: mussel

Size: 2.3 x 5 cm

Material: Pollutant -free polyurethane, laser engraved


Web label: mussel

Size: 1.5 x 2.5 cm

Piece: 4 piece

The labels are folded in the middle and have the same motif on both sides. The cool thing on this label - they can be opened, fold the fold in the opposite direction and you already have a label with the negative colors, i.e. a blue shell on a white background instead of a white shell on a blue background.



Washable up to 30 degrees, turn on the left, no dryer, please do not use aggressive detergent!


Labels by Lemeldesign

Made in Germany!





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