Paper cut pattern Boho favorite # 28


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Paper cut pattern Boho favorite # 28

Of the Boho favorite # 28 is a puzzle pattern for a tunic or dress in many different variants for sizes 80 - 164 in boho style.

The upper part of the pattern is narrow cut. Here is a straight variant and for very slim children still a waisted variant, which sits still a bit of bodies.
The flounces are front shorter and back longer with a nice rounding.

There are 4 different basic variants:

  • tunic
  • Tunic with ruffle
  • a dress
  • Dress with ruffle.

A simpler tunic is obtained with a gathered valance, playful becomes tunic when a ruffle is sewn on the valance. The tunic is great for wearing a short pair of pants. But can also be wonderfully combined with leggings / jeggings.

Even with the dress there are both options. Simple with 2 riched flounces sewn together. Playful it becomes when a ruffle is still sewn on the lower valance of the dress.

Of the Neckline Can be sewn in different ways.

Cuff climb or with slip. For a special look, a slot can be sewn in the front or back part. Then the neckline is enclosed and closed with binding tapes or with a loop and button.

A variety of cuffs can be sewn on tunic or dress and so new looks and styles can be created again and again:
- narrow sleeves in long, half-length, short
- Half sleeves with valance (in 2 different lengths)
- Half sleeves with vokuhila volant
- Half trumpet sleeves
- Long trumpet sleeves (can be sewn in 3 different variants)
- Bishop's sleeves
- butterfly
- Flutter


Text recommendation:

The cut is designed for (thin) stretchy knobs like Jersey,
Fine knit.
At the dress variant should be taken care that the substance is not too
It's hard, the fabric falls nicer and the dress will not be that hard.
In the butterfly sleeves, fluttered sleeves, vokuhila-sleeve-volant own
Particularly good, dyed fabrics, since here often the back is recognizable.


That's about it:

  • Sewing pattern in color in sizes 80 - 164
  • Quick Start Guide (brochure over 8 pages)
  • In addition, you will receive the detailed, illustrated instructions for download


The pattern is only for private use, for a commercial use you have to purchase a commercial license!


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