Paper cut pattern Shirt Michel Kids # 45


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Sewing Pattern Shirt Michel Kids # 45

That Shirt Michel Kids # 45 is a narrow sliced ​​shirt for sizes 86 -170.

The special feature is the neckline sewn at the front with a square slip with a slot. The slot can be sewn as a mini-slot or can be sewn as a larger slot in the connecting tapes, or a loop with button.

So that the shirt can be sewn over all year round, you have the choice between short or long sleeves.

For a girlish look, the seams can be saused with rolling room and in the document two short connective tapes are sewn to be tied to the loop.

Text recommendation:

The pattern is designed for light to medium-heavy stretchy knobs such as Jersey (cotton, bamboo, Tencel, Rayon), etc.

Included in the paper section:

  • Printed pattern in color in sizes 86 - 170
  • Quick Start Guide - Brochure
  • In addition, you will receive the detailed, illustrated instructions for download


The pattern is only for private use. Disclosure, sale, exchange and resale of the e-book, the sewing instructions or parts thereof, is expressly prohibited, as well as the publication or imprint.

For commercial use (sale of finished clothes) a commercial license must be purchased.

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