Shirt Michel Baby # 46


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Sewing Pattern Shirt Michel Baby # 46

That Shirt Michel Baby # 46 is a narrow sliced ​​shirt for sizes 44 - 92.

The special feature of the cut is the neckline of the front with a square slip and a slot is worked. The slot is then closed with loop and button or binding tapes.
From size 80 you can only be sewn to a small mini slot, which is then open. Unfortunately, this is not possible in the smaller sizes, otherwise the shirt can not be pulled well anymore.

So that the shirt can be sewn all year round, you have the choice between short or long sleeves.

For a girlish look, the seams can be saused with rolling room and in the document two short connecting tapes are sewn sewn, which are then bound to the loop.

Text recommendation:

The pattern is designed for light to medium-heavy stretchy knobs such as Jersey (cotton, bamboo, Tencel, Rayon), etc.

In the e-book included:

  • Detailed, illustrated instructions
  • Cut sheet in DIN A4, A2 (including levels) without seam allowance
  • Cut sheet in DIN A4, A2 (including levels) incl. 7mm seam allowance
  • Cut sheet as a projector file (per size 2 levels, once without seam allowance, once with seam allowance)
  • File format: PDF


The pattern is only for private use, for a commercial use you have to purchase a commercial license!

Please note: These are files, not already printed patterns or instructions. You need to read and print the eBooks, a printer and a PDF reader on your PC.

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