advent Calendar

Do you know the Advent calendar of the ebookmacher?

No .. then it's high time. I am also part of the ebookmaker and there is again a great advent calendar this year with each designer one day a day-to-pay eBook! There are also great additional discounts!

You want to know more about the Advent Calendar, the ebookmacher and our actions?

Then check out hereThe ebookmacher"


And today my door opens ...

Only today on the 5th of December you get the ebookDress Skåne # 30 for free!

The dress is a diverse pattern for sizes 80 - 170, it has over-cut sleeves is loose cut with a light taisting. For the summer with ruffle sleeves or short sleeves and for the cold season, the dress still brings long sleeves and hood with so that your child can look comfortably in it.

With a straight hem or a ruffle room, here there are countless possibilities.

You prefer to be for yourself? Then get the right ladies' cut pattern Dress Skåne Ladys # 38 For unbeatable 2.50 € instead of 7.90 €.


In addition, there are 50% discount on all individual topics and 20% discount on paper cutters !!

(Until 12. December!)



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Ulrike December 05, 2021

Was für eine kuhle Idee…

Sabine Scholz December 05, 2021

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