Sweater bell # 48


PatternSweater bell # 48

Have you already discovered the new pattern Sweater Bilktchen # 48?

A versatile pattern, which is also wonderful as a festive sweater! The Sweater bell # 48 is a loose-cut top with a light A-line for sizes 80 - 164, in different variants.

The character of the pattern is a layering look, so it looks optically as if a blouse is worn under the sweater. But also a simple version without layering look is possible and is lined. Then it is a casual short throat that can be made to top or dress. Combined, the whole thing can look great with the Shirt Galway # 42, Dress Killarney # 43 or the All year's favorite # 18. But other great combinations are possible.

The Sweater offers different seam terms, straight hem or round vokuhila hem. If the hem is sewn with a cuff, it can be chosen between a simple, all around closed cuffs or a cuff with lateral slot.
With sewn is a ruffle, in blouse look. Again, you can choose between a round hem or straight hem. The straight hem is especially suitable for sewing beginners, as the whole thing is so lightweight for webware.

Lights also offers different sleeve variants, so that for every taste somethingIt is:
• Easy sleeve with cuffs
• Small puffed sleeves with cuffs
• Straight sleeves in whose hem is retracted a rubber band
• Easier and puffed sleeve can be sewn instead of cuffs with a ruffle on the hem, so that the look of a layering look is created here as well

The neckline is sewn in the simpler version with cuffs. Whoever likes it romantic, chooses a neck ruffle which is sewn with protrusion, and thus receives a layering look at the neckline.

Designed is the sweater for medium-heavy stretchy knobs such as Frenchterry, Strickjaquard, or the like. For the layering look of the blouse, light up to medium-heavy web goods such as Popline, Linen, Voile, etc.





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KelvinRab February 06, 2023

Welches Saumbündchen für den Sweater mit dem runden Saum.? Habe auf dem Schnittmuster nichts gefunden.
Lieben Gruß

Emm,a Leibhammer January 17, 2023

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